Thokozile is a Zulu name meaning "Be Happy; Be Deligthed".

Thokozile is an online store stocking handmade items and carefully chosen products for you and your home.

It is our hope, that with all Thokozile items, you'll truly be delighted.

The idea for the Thokozile brand came to Koichi and I on one of our trips. It was actually a very short trip. More like a taxi ride to Kyoto station. It was my last day in Kyoto and Koichi was taking me to the station before I caught the train to the airport. I was going back to South Africa for a while and I asked him what he would like me to bring back for him. He said he wanted more isiShweshwe fabric that I had brought back on previous trips. In that taxi ride, we both thought about the things that could be made using this amazing fabric. We imagined brightly coloured bow ties and tote bags.

On my return to Tokyo, we continued taking trips around Japan and traveling outside the country, too. We discovered beautiful objects from places we visited. Carefully wrapped, we brought these objects back with us, curating a collection of the items we love.
We've only just begun the journey, but hope to source more that inspires us to create. We think our products are very special and we hope you'll enjoy them, too.

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David would often return from South Africa with a few pieces of isiShweshwe fabric in his suitcase - a material I'd never seen before. The bright and striking print inspired us to make something and so we started with bow ties, followed by bags. I love the functionality of a simple tote bag but had never thought about wearing bow ties until I saw the final product. The prints we chose are colourful and  playful - I think these bow ties don't even need a suit, I like to wear them with casual outfits. We've also started collecting items from our travels - if you'd like to learn more, please visit our blog.

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About isiShweshwe

The story of isiShweshwe is wide-ranging, and one that reflects on trade and cultural interchanges across continents. The original indigo-dyed fabric arrived in South Africa from India and Holland after the establishment of a sea port at the Cape in the mid-1600s. Garments made from the material were mostly worn by slaves, Khoisan, and Voortrekker women. Since then, isiShweshwe has become a rich part of South Africa's traditional heritage. Today, the fabric is worn every day and is made into beautiful outfits for traditional events such as weddings and initiation ceremonies.